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Tip of the Month
The Smell of Leather

Most people love the smell of leather. You get it when you buy a new car, a new jacket or new furniture. But what exactly is it supposed to smell like? First you have to understand that all leather treatment is not the same. As soon as the skin is removed from the animal, it needs to be preserved or it will begin to rot. Depending on how good the treatment is, the smell can be strong or have no smell at all. A sharp, oily smell or a dead animal smell means that the hide was never treated correctly. Many times it's because they were not fully tanned and that kind of leather is slowly rotting. Cheap leather may also be treated with gasoline or other petroleum based chemicals. Don't waste your money on those kinds of merchandise. They will not last.

Good leather should have a mild aroma or have no smell at all.

Dog BikerDog Biker
We thought you might enjoy this video about a biker and his dog. This biker goes everywhere with his best friend. We're talking about the dog NOT the biker.

We're only sorry that he hasn't discovered the wonderful world of owning a leather jacket.

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