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Genuine Italian Leather

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What's so desirable about Italian? Top quality Italian leather is usually made from Ostrich hide and has a distinction of being thicker and more durable than the more traditional cow hide. Impeccable Italian craftsmanship also lends to its expensive reputation.

Typical Italian leather is "full grain" which is the highest quality leather that has few imperfections. Even as it ages, it develops a gorgeous sheen.

Don't be deceived. When they say it's Italian leather, it could mean it was made in Italy or it was only made in the style of Italian craftsmanship. China is notorious for passing off fake Italian leather.

Leather Video of the Month

Arzu Kaprol Fall Winter Collection 2012Kaprol Fall/Winter Collection
Ever notice High Fashion's use of leather? Arzu Kaprol's winter collection uses leather in every single piece of her imagination. Want to make a fashion statement? You can't go wrong with leather. CLICK HERE.

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