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Tip of the Month
Leather Boots

Don't throw them away!!! Did you know that we clean leather boots and leather bags? Leather accessories are beautiful and stylish but you need to be careful about splatters from food, oil and dirt. Accidents are common but be sure to wipe the liquid off before they seep into the leather material and cause permanent stains. A soft cloth (DO NOT add water!) should be sufficient to clean the mess. But if the stains are already absorbed, do not rub it too much otherwise, you might remove the protective outer layer and discolor the material. Send it to us and we will restore it back to normal..

Leather Video of the Month

Lucy Lu in LeatherLeather Suit in Charlie's Angels
This is one of the funniest scenes from the movie Charlie's Angels where Lucy Lu barges inside a hi-tech office with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. This scene is hilarious but this scene also shows how classy a leather suit can be. Leather is not just for motorcycles, it can also be worn for the office.

If you need to repair your leather or have it cleaned, remember that you can always bring it to LA Leather cleaners. Call us for a quote or visit our website.

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