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leather garments rack at LA Leather Cleaners technician working on leather repair

L.A. Leather Cleaners was proudly established in 1988. Many claim they have the ability to clean your leather garments, but few have the experience and knowledge of L.A. Leather Cleaners.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Inglewood, California but our customers come from all over the whole continental U.S.A.. Unlike other shops that process leather garments occassionally and still experiment on the best way to clean your garments, L.A. Leather Cleaners processes hundreds of leather garments every single day and we already know the secrets of leather cleaning. In fact, the lead technician in each department has over 22 years of experience in leather cleaning.

L.A. Leather Cleaners has serviced:

  • Dry cleaners throughout Los Angeles and San Diego, California
  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Clothing retailers
  • Restoration contractors
  • Insurance companies

Our cleaning products and equipment are specifically designed for leather and suede cleaning. Furthermore we offer other services beyond leather cleaning such as dry cleaning, fur cleaning and repair, rug cleaning and restoration, wedding gown preservation and restoration and many more. Let us help you with our professional cleaning services today.

As a member of the Southern California Cleaners Association (SCCA) we take every effort to provide you with the most comprehensive and knowledgeable service possible.

Amir Imankhan
Amir Imankhan is no stranger to the leather industry of Southern California. He understands leather and other difficult garment materials like no other.

He treats each work as his own. He gets genuine satisfaction from his many contented customers. He believes in charging a fair price and he doesn't take advantage of his clients. He believes a happy customer will translate into a loyal one. In fact, it is his customers that not only bring repeat business but also introduce their friends to his craft.

"I realize that people buy leather garments because they expect it to last for several years. They, treat their garments like an old friend. I see them all the time --- people wearing tattered and discolored leather coats. I challenge anyone to bring me their leather material and I will make it look brand new."

repairing a leather garment at LA Leather Cleaners


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